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  • Rperform multiple paired t-tests based on groups ...

    > product_type price_online price_offline 1 a 48 37 2 b 29 22 3 b 32 40 4 a 38 36 5 c 32 27 6 c 31 35 7 c 28 24 8 a 47 42 9 c 40 36 ideally i want r to write the result of the t.test to another data frame called product_types:

  • R'x' must be a numeric vector: error from data.frame of ...

    Put a comma before your selector. when you select in a data.frame object with a single indexing variable without a comma it extracts a column as a list element retaining type. therefore, it's still a data.frame. but, data.frame objects allow you to select using matrix style notation and then you would get a simple vector. so just change

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    In a two-sided market, the platform may offer different prices to different group of end users due to a) a lack of product differentiation in the products sold. b) the budget constraints of end users.

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    24' long display shelving row, double sided 1 row of 24'long shelving with 3 upper shelves above the base shelf. all used retail shelving sections are 48" long.

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