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  • Fabeze frameworklarge format graphics production

    Fabeze framework is our custom designed aluminum extrusion made for accepting silicone edge graphics (seg). fabric graphics have gained in popularity with airport advertising, museums, sports departments, and a host of industrial and home uses.

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    Frame: lightweight aluminum frames available in several sizes install with a simple allen wrench. frames, with a 4" depth, house led lights and conceal wires. panel: silicon-edge fabric graphics easily attach with proprietary flexlock® connection system for superior fit and finish. graphics are available on both sides.

  • Rexframe uk fabric tensioning system

    Rexframe offers seamless design and a truly eye catching display solution that is quick & easy to assemble as well as lightweight & cheap to transport. ... using rexframe and silicon edge graphics is could not be easier to transform the look & feel of any interior space quickly & easily for the better. ... company * email *

  • Trade show graphics: high quality fabric or vinyl?

    What we refer to as a fabric graphic is correctly called an seg (silicon edged graphic). your image is printed on fabric using a dye sublimation process, sewn around the edges with a strip of silicone. the silicone edge is inserted into a groove in the framing system, which then holds the fabric under tension.

  • {silicone edged graphics} wall mounted extrusion featuring ...

    Seg {silicone edged graphics} infinity is a wall-mounted aluminum extrusion frame system, featuring taut dye sublimated fabric graphics. the fabric graphics utilize the seg {silicone edged graphics} finishing system. infinity provides a slimmer, lighter wall mounting system that is barely visible.